about EQ


Founded in 2011, Equilibrium is a composer and performer led ensemble that showcases the talents of local musicians and composers. New England, and particularly greater Boston, is one of the richest environments for the creation of new music in the United States. We want to ensure that the great music being made here has ample opportunity to be heard through programming that does not privilege any one particular aesthetic, institution, or school of thought. Alongside newly commissioned works by local New England composers, we bring audiences new American chamber works that they have little opportunity to hear elsewhere.

Our concerts highlight new music, written by composers of diverse backgrounds and aesthetics and performed by equally diverse local artists. We seek to increase diversity within the new music community through commissioning a wide range of New England artists including women composers and other under-represented composers. Under the direction of our music director, Matt Sharrock, Equilibrium brings together the best local contemporary music performers to present innovatively curated programs of new music and actively participate in the creation of new pieces.

Please contact us if you would like to present your music on one of our programs.


diversity statement

The great problem faced by arts in America is the lack of diversity and the under-representation of groups of artists. For all of the stated interest in communities and art’s function in bettering society, arts organizations regularly are found to marginalize groups of artists through curatorial decisions, a situation from which new music is not exempt. The gross lack of programming by female, non-white, queer, and transgender composers is evident through statistics and even the most cursory survey of concert programs across the country. As organizers of Equilibrium, we are attempting to do our small part in rectifying the imbalance; our hope is that through representation, diversity will become normalized.

We don’t know the best way to achieve diversity—there is no simple answer, and not everyone will agree on the best approach. Some of our concerts will reflect greater diversity than others, but our hope is to move toward a better norm. This is an ongoing effort, and we welcome thoughts on how to be more inclusive champions of all of our community’s artists. Already this project has been taken up by organizations across the country, and we hope it continues to grow as we do our small part.



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